Kevin Garnett Is Joining The TNT NBA Crew To Make Things More ‘Raw’

Senior Writer
10.28.16 2 Comments

Love him or hate him, Kevin Garnett makes the NBA fun. So, if he’s not on the court talking epic, hall-of-fame-worthy trash to his opponents (or, you know, mentoring his young teammates), we’re still very lucky to have him on television as an analyst. That’s why it was outstanding news that Garnett was welcomed to TNT’s Inside the NBA family on Thursday night, taking his place alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley on arguably the meanest panel of former players in sports broadcasting history.

If that’s the good news, the great news is that Garnett assured Ernie Johnson that he will be unfiltered and raw, even if TNT is requiring Garnett to have a “cuss button” right in front of him. But what will “unfiltered and raw” entail when it comes to Garnett’s own special set that is still being built? “We’re calling it just like we see it here,” the future Hall-of-Famer told his new co-stars, before touching on the reality of talking about basketball instead of playing it.

“It’s definitely strange not being out there. The weird part for me is not preparing for this year. What I mean by that is training, shooting, the extra shots, running – all that’s over. Now I’m in a position where I’m trying to find something to do with myself.”

Here’s an idea: TNT analyst Kevin Garnett takes a seat courtside for team warmups and heckles players from both teams until their souls are broken and spirits are crushed. Sure, it’s mean, but it’s probably even more entertaining than another segment of Charles Barkley Doesn’t Know Where People Play. (Not a knock, I love that segment.)

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