Kevin Garnett Would ‘Love’ To Mentor DeMarcus Cousins

10.26.17 2 years ago

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Kevin Garnett‘s Area 21 is back, which means that Garnett has plenty to say. The NBA season has already created some fun moments, and Area 21 has given us its fair share of fun KG quotes.

Area 21 is great because it’s essentially Garnett hanging out with his friends and occasionally hosting a Reddit AMA. And that’s exactly what makes it so fun. He can have a Celtics championship reunion on the show and it’s basically his friends talking trash about Ray Allen for a while. Until he’s sick of hearing about it, at least.

But these are interesting questions when answered by Kevin Garnett. For example, who is most like him in the game right now? Russell Westbrook, of course.

The latest answer from the former Timberwolves and Celtics legend might give New Orleans Pelicans fans some hope this season. Garnett was asked which current player he would like to mentor, and he said Boogie Cousins is on his list.

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