Kevin Garnett Bluntly Calls The Situation In Minnesota A ‘Sh*t Storm’

10.12.18 8 months ago

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The stories coming out of Minnesota the past couple of days have been surreal. After weeks of Tom Thibodeau dragging his feet on a Jimmy Butler trade, the disgruntled star showed up to practice on Wednesday with the express purpose of turning everyone’s week into a living nightmare until he gets what he wants.

According to various reports, later confirmed by Butler himself in a conveniently-timed sit-down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols after the fact, Butler had words for everybody in attendance, including GM Scott Layden, Thibs himself, and the Wolves young duo of Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, who are frequent targets of Butler’s righteous ire.

He then proceeded to beat up on the starters with the team’s third-string players, after which he went straight into his interview with Nichols to discuss his tactics and whether he believes the situation is salvageable (he does and he doesn’t). The media circus that ensued was enough for the Wolves to cancel practice Thursday, and the situation is no closer to being resolved than it was earlier in the week.

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