Kevin Hart Responded To Dwyane Wade Telling Sixers Fans To Blame Him For Philly’s Game 2 Loss

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The Heat tied things up with the Sixers on Monday night with a 113-103 win in Philadelphia to send the series back to Miami all even at 1-1. Dwyane Wade starred in the Heat win, scoring 28 points in 26 minutes including a crucial stretch late after Philadelphia had closed the gap to three points.

After the game Wade credited one person in particular for his incredible performance, letting the world know they could thank Kevin Hart, who was courtside, for that effort. Hart is a diehard Philly fan who is a regular at Sixers games (and famously wandered the field after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in celebration) and loves to trash talk opposing players, many of whom he’s friends with off the court.

Wade is among those Hart is close with, but that closeness also can lead him to be a little too comfortable getting on them during games and sometimes his trash talk becomes all the added motivation a player needs to torch the poor Sixers. That’s what Wade says happened on Monday, but Hart wasn’t just going to leave it there, as he took to his Instagram Story to let Wade know he’s not letting up and will be in Miami for Games 3 and 4.

Hart has to give props to Wade for managing to put the blame on him but makes sure to point out this is a series and he’ll be relentless until the end either way. The two also had a little back-and-forth on Twitter where Wade said he wasn’t allowed to come to Miami, but Hart’s presence on a private jet suggests he’s headed that way whether Wade permits or not.

Wade-Hart might just end up being the Reggie Miller-Spike Lee rivalry of 2018.