Kevin Durant Joked That His ‘Next Chapter’ Is On LeBron James’ All-Star Team

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By now, basically everyone has come to grips with Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors. It was a controversial move at first, but the dude has managed to win the NBA Championship he so badly wanted and was even able to snag a Finals MVP in the process. He had one reason to go to the Warriors from Oklahoma City and he managed to accomplish it, so more power to him.

But despite this, plenty of people have still made fun of how he left. Durant dropped a piece on The Players’ Tribune titled “My Next Chapter,” in which his arms was crossed and he was looking off into the distance. He was wearing a plain sleeveless white shirt, so when hoops fans want to get jokes off, they’ll photoshop something onto the shirt.

It would make sense that after Durant was drafted to LeBron James‘ team in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, someone would make a crop of him saying his next chapter is with James. As it turns out, though, that person was Durant himself on his Instagram Story.

This is, objectively, extremely funny. Durant can be a silly guy, but this just delightful, especially the fact that he says he’s coming for Curry. Well done, Kevin Durant. Well done.