Kevin Love’s AAU Coach Once Received $250,000 From Jay Williams’ Former Sports Agency

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The FBI’s announcement that it is in the midst of an investigation into college basketball sent shockwaves throughout the sports world. We saw the impact that it could have right away, when Louisville head coach and National Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Rick Pitino was essentially fired by the University of Louisville.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, the implication is that a lot still needs to (and will) happen. Naturally, this has led to fans wondering exactly what would happen and how deep this runs. Most importantly, fans want to know which players and programs are dirty.

According to ESPN’s Jay Williams, some shenanigans may have occurred back when Kevin Love was the most highly-regarded power forward in high school hoops. Love was the No. 3 player in the nation and the No. 1 center in the class of 2007, so obviously, he was an in-demand prospect.

Williams appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines and claimed that Love’s AAU coach once received a hefty paycheck from Ceruzzi Sports and Entertainment, which employed Williams from 2007-09.

“There were a lot of dealings that were being made that people didn’t know about,” Williams said. “There was a lot of money being exchanged. I know for a fact — there was a reported story from Yahoo! Sports back in 2009 — I know that we gave an AAU coach for a guy named Kevin Love who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. We gave him over $250,000. Now, at the time, we were also giving other players money because you were allowed to give players money through their AAU programs, which were essentially 501(c)(3)s.”

For the Win went to The New Republic and grabbed an excerpt of the Yahoo! Sports article that Williams mentioned. The Yahoo! Sports story made it sound like Love’s coach, Pat Barrett, was paid to deliver him to Ceruzzi Sports and Entertainment without his knowledge, as it said “What Love apparently didn’t know was a New York sports agency had donated $250,000 to Barrett’s team under the premise Barrett could deliver players such as Kevin Love – to dinner first, then as a client.”

Spending that kind of cash with the hopes that a player will sign with your agency when he goes pro is insane. This is the kind of stuff the FBI wants to investigate with its look into the NCAA, with the hope that there will be more examples of cases like Love and Williams.

(Via For the Win)