Kevin Love Battles LeBron James In Off-The-Wall Jams

Earlier this month, LeBron James was filmed tossing himself lobs off the wall at practice in Phoenix before a Suns game. This was before the All-Star break, and a lot of us were ruminating on why James didn’t enter the Dunk Contest. His slams spread around the web and many claimed if he had pulled those off in the Dunk Contest, he would have won. But now Kevin Love has uploaded his own off-the-wall reverse jam.

The best part of Love’s iteration is the frenzied reaction from his ‘Wolves teammates. Remember, Love has won the “White Guy” award three years running when the GM’s take their annual survey, and this is pretty clear evidence why; although, we commend him for still pulling it off. James made it look so easy, but you can see the strain of concentration on Love’s face when he’s throwing the lob and trying to sync up his jump and jam.

Who dunks it better?

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