Why Is Kevin Love Wriggling Like A Worm After This Missed Three-Pointer?

03.19.18 1 year ago


Kevin Love is back to playing basketball, which is great news, because he’s really good at what he does and it is never cool when people are unable to do their job because they are hurt or sick or something like that. It is also great that he’s back because, as we learned on Monday night, Love is something like a comedic genius.

Early in the third quarter, Love went to take a three. It was blocked by the rangy John Henson, and in the process of coming down after the shot, Love hit the deck pretty hard because his leg got tangled up with the Bucks’ big man. Khris Middleton pushed things in the other direction, while Love was laying on the ground.

But as the astute eye of Rob Perez saw, Love was not on the ground in pain. Rather, Love was on the ground in front of his bench and decided that he’d prefer wriggling around like a worm more than he would like getting up and playing defense. That sounds like I am mad at him for not immediately getting back on defense but I swear, I am not, and that it was extremely good.

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