Kevin Love Is Now On Concussion Watch After Harrison Barnes Hit His Head In Game 2


Kevin Love is one of the many Cleveland Cavaliers out of sorts these days. The NBA Finals provide a much brighter light than anything the sport has to offer, and it can easily make one go dizzy.

Elbows to the head when you’re going for a rebound don’t exactly help on that front. Love caught some incidental contact from Harrison Barnes in the early goings of his team’s Game 2 matchup with the Golden State Warriors, and eventually had to leave the games. The NBA offered this press release:

Here’s what Doris Burke had to say about the precaution during the game.

Love missing games would make this series all but impossible for Cleveland, who are already struggling to keep pace. Then again, we’ve talked about Love’s defensive shortcomings before, something Mercury News sports columnist Tim Kawakami mentioned during the game.

The Cavs handled Love’s symptoms correctly according to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal.

And here’s the director of the NBA’s concussion policy talking about the difficulty in predicting trauma to the brain.

No word yet on whether Love will suit up for Game 3 on Wednesday in Cleveland, but you can be sure we’ll see plenty of updates in the next couple days.