Kevin Love Went Over The Top Of Milwaukee’s Defense With This Gorgeous Full-Court Pass

Contributing Writer

The Cleveland Browns might be the most quarterback-deprived team in the history of the NFL, but they have a dude who is capable of dropping dimes within the city limits. Unfortunately for the Browns, Kevin Love plays basketball. By the looks of it, though, they may want to get him a tryout as soon as possible.

Love was back at it again with the touchdown pass and assists as the Cavs faced the Bucks in Milwaukee on Tuesday night. He connected with former high school wide receiver LeBron James on a full-court pass yet again. Making the latest absurd outlet pass even crazier is Love tossed the dime from out of bounds.

This is technically an inbound pass and maybe the most unstoppable out of bounds set imaginable, as Love calmly tossed James a chest pass from the other side of the court. James did the work from there, catching the ball at the dotted line and hammering home a jam while the helpless Bucks could only watch like defensive backs looking at Bron’s buddy Odell Beckham Jr.

With Kyrie Irving elevating his game to another level this season, Love’s becoming an even bigger part of the Cavs’ offense and a much happier teammate. In fact, he might be just as crucial as Kyrie if the defending champs look to repeat.

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