Kevin Love Isn’t Best Friends With LeBron James Yet, But Plans To Sign With Cavaliers Anyway

Kevin Love
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Kevin Love says he’s “not best friends” with LeBron James, and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star power forward wasn’t included in a photo his four-time MVP teammate posted on Instagram yesterday. Freak out, internet.

Instead of obsessing over meaningless relationship distinctions and social media posts, though, we’ll focus on what Love said during his Monday interview tour that actually matters – namely, that the prospective free agent plans on signing with the Cavaliers this summer.

Below is a transcription of pertinent portions of Love’s chat with Dan Patrick on the talk-host’s radio show. Not included, you’ll notice, is the former Minnesota Timberwolves franchise player discussing his friendship with James or choosing Russell Westbrook as his choice for MVP. This is the stuff that gives us a lens into Love’s future plans, and how he feels about his first season as a super-team’s third banana.

Dan Patrick: I just want to know what you think about your season.

Kevin Love: I don’t think it’s played out yet. I think it kind of remains to be seen. It’s been a little up-and-down, me trying to find my way on this team…

I think my role is ever-evolving, and the true test will come playoff time. Your first and second option can be taken away – they’re gonna blitz different pick-and-rolls, take the ball out of certain guys’ hands. Myself included, among other guys, are gonna have to step up and make plays. It remains to be seen.

DP: How tough has it been trying to figure out where you fit in with Kyrie Irving and LeBron?

KL: Yeah, there’s definitely been some growing pains in there and, you know, some things that I’ve had to figure out… All I can go out there and do is try and change the game and see where I fit with these guys. But I think the first season as well as for [Chris] Bosh was definitely the hardest.

DP: If I gave you a mulligan, what would you have done?

KL: The same thing.

DP: Same way?

KL: Same way.

DP: More likely or less likely to stay [with the Cavaliers] if you win a title?

KL: Anytime you win better things are gonna happen, but I plan on being a Cavalier either way.

Anything can happen in free agency, obviously, and there’s still plenty of time for Love’s debut campaign with the Cavaliers to go south. For now, though, the 26 year-old sharp-shooting, rebound-eating big man intends to play in Cleveland for many years running.

Make no mistake – there’s a time to scrutinize Love’s relationship with the world’s most important player. Every ancillary factor looms large come July, and we’ll be reporting on each whisper concerning the three-time All-Star’s destination once the season ends. But now is not the time to dig deep into Love’s throwaway comments during a busy media Monday, especially as the Cavaliers have begun to emerge as co-Eastern Conference favorites.

Things are as good as they’ve been in Cleveland all season long, basically. And unless Love ruined his team’s growing chemistry by openly chastising James, there’s simply nothing to gain from affording his honest remarks more attention than they deserve – clicks be damned.