Kevin Love Regrets ‘Acting Like A 13-Year-Old’ But Denied He Had An Altercation With Koby Altman

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ struggles continue in the post-LeBron era. They’re 10-26 on the season and in the midst of a four-game losing streak as they project to be lottery-bound once again at the end of this year, while the on-court issues are clearly starting to take their toll on morale.

Despite signing an extension with the team, Kevin Love is on a very different trajectory, and his frustrations with the situation reached a boiling point over the weekend. During a home game against Oklahoma City, the Cavs faced 13-point deficit heading into halftime, at which point Love appeared to let his frustration get the best of him.

The clips of him rocketing a pass to a teammate and later turning his back on a play quickly went viral, prompting Love to state publicly that it was simply a heat-of-the-moment thing and not a reflection of his devotion to his teammates or the organization. Love continued to do damage control on Tuesday, saying that he regretted his behavior.

Love also went on to deny that he’d had a heated verbal altercation with GM Koby Altman during a recent practice, claiming that no such interaction took place and that he and Altman are on good terms. With the trade deadline approaching, all of this is certainly ramping up the speculation that Love could be moved by Feb. 6.