Here’s The Pacers’ Kevin Seraphin Cuddling With Some Gigantic Snakes For No Reason

Kevin Seraphin is a serviceable NBA big man, but his biggest claim to fame is his love of snakes. At one point during his tenure with the Washington Wizards, he had a pet snake named “Snakey,” and he’s posted various pro-snake tweets over the years. He just signed a training-camp deal with the Indiana Pacers, which will be his third team in seven seasons after one year with the Knicks. The one thing that’s remained constant throughout his career, though, are the snakes. To show that he’s truly about this life, Seraphin has tweeted a new video of himself laying in a pit full of really big snakes. Not only that, but he really appears to be enjoying it.

As if the visual wasn’t great enough, the commentary on the video is fantastic. The narrator is as enthusiastic as more and more snakes are placed around him, despite apparently not knowing much about basketball (he calls Seraphin a “pro basketball guy” at one point). He estimates that there are 150 feet of snakes in the pit with Seraphin, which looks about right. That’s 150 feet more of snakes than I’d ever want placed around me in a sandbox, but if Seraphin enjoys it, more power to him.