Khloe Kardashian And Family Made A Splash At Game 4 Of The NBA Finals

On and off the court, the NBA Finals is a star studded-event. On the court, there are the seven All-Stars between both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Off the court, there are stars like Rhianna and now for Game 4, the Kardashians.

Arriving with much fanfare, the entire Kardashian family traveled to Cleveland to show their support for Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson and his Cavaliers.

While having one’s significant other in attendance at a game usually isn’t news, Thompson has actually been receiving a lot criticism due to his struggles in the Finals, and many critics are placing the blame on Khloe, saying that she is the reason he has played poorly.

While this is all indeed quite silly, ABC’s Jeff Van Gundy addressed the criticism Thompson and Khloe have been receiving during the first quarter.

Van Gundy is known to use hyperbole from time to time, but he is a hundred percent right here, especially since Khloe doesn’t have any magic powers. She is just a human being. Thompson has just struggled due to Golden State’s ability to keep him off the glass. And since Thompson makes an impact with his ability to rebound, his play has been sub-par through the first three games.

Of course, this reasoning won’t quiet the biggest skeptics, but as they have shown throughout their lengthy relationship, Khole and Tristan don’t care what others may think about them.