The Kings Showed Moon Landing Highlights During Warriors Introductions To Troll Steph Curry

12.15.18 6 months ago

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Steph Curry may have tried to prove a point by pretending to think the moon landing was fake, but the Sacramento Kings don’t care. To them, Curry’s comments about the moon landing gave them the perfect opportunity to troll the Golden State Warriors and their MVP guard.

Curry infamously said on a podcast earlier in the week that he did not think NASA had successfully landed on the moon, which drew some ire from, uh, anyone who knows it would have literally been harder to fake the moon landing than it was to figure out how to get three dudes to the moon.

On Friday, the Warriors visited the Kings and Sacramento had some fun with the fact that Curry claimed NASA didn’t land on the moon. Namely, they played footage of astronauts roaming the lunar surface while the Kings announcer introduced the Warriors’ starting lineup.

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