The Kings Twitter Account Went On A Sixers Trolling Spree Over Their Court’s Moisture Issues

The game between the Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night was postponed due to an inordinate amount of moisture on the Wells Fargo Center court. The temperature in the building was too high and whether it had to do with the ice below the court melting or just hot, heavy air, basketball could not be played.

And it wasn’t from a lack of teamwork or effort, as the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins was doing his best to mop the floor.

But once the game was postponed, the visiting Kings began to stick it to the Sixers with some trolling tweets because this is what team Twitter accounts do now.

Get it? Because of that slogan? Trust The Process? That thing has 8,000 RTs right now and I’m not even sure it’s a good joke. No, they can’t trust the floor. It’s wet. People would get hurt. You can’t just willy nilly make a “trust the process” joke if it doesn’t make sense. You can’t put “trust the” in front of something whenever you’d like. You could go, “I guess trusting the process doesn’t extend to court maintenance.” That’s something.

Then the Kings dropped a GIF-own on the Sixers. This is good.

That’s a good one.

Then there’s this one, which is a 100-second video that uses the ShamWow as a leaping-off point for a joke. I could lie to you and tell you I watched the whole video but that’s a long time to commit to a joke when it’s the third one in the series.

Maybe the next time the Sixers play the Kings, they’ll think to themselves, “We better have the court in the proper condition, otherwise we will find ourselves owned online.”