‘Sauce Castillo’ Lives On: Kings To Host Entire Promotional Night Based On Fortunate Nickname

The best sports nicknames aren’t manufactured – they’re either bestowed by peers or simply dropped from the heavens by simple coincidence and circumstance. The moniker of Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas is certainly the latter, and his franchise is capitalizing on it by hosting an entire night dedicated to the legend of “Sauce Castillo.”

This awesome promotional event will take place on Sunday against the Utah Jazz, when all fans in attendance at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena will receive giveaways based on Stauskas’ extremely fortunate nickname. Via the team’s website:

When the Kings take on the Utah Jazz on April 5, we will celebrate Nik Stauskas’ new nickname, Sauce Castillo. All fans in attendance will receive a special Sauce Castillo giveaway, and there will be saucy fun all game long.

Saucy, indeed.

The origins of Sauce Castillo should need no further explanation – an appellation that epic stands strong enough on its own, and frankly should for the duration of Stauskas’ career. But without the help of the Kings, there was a chance Sauce Castillo would serve as a blip in the radar as opposed to the nickname the Michigan product will carry for years. Here’s hoping Stauskas can live up to its brilliance.

Thank you, Sacramento PR team – this is work for the people, by the people. Now how can we get some of that sauce?