Did Game 5 Wizards-Hawks Feature The Most Staged Kiss Cam Beer Spill Ever?

Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks was bananas. In a series that’s already featured some wild endings, Game 5 featured two clutch shots from Paul Pierce and Al Horford in the final eight seconds. (Atlanta would win 82-81 to take a 3-2 lead in the series.)

However, neither of those shots were as impressive as this one from the Philips Arena kiss cam. Why? Because here we have perhaps the most staged beer spill/reaction in recent memory. To steal Pete‘s line after he saw it, “The acting in that Kiss Cam would make porn stars laugh.”

How was this whole thing set up? Did they conspire beforehand? Did these people even know each other before Wednesday night? Did the stadium front office plant them in the seats? What was Uncle Denzel doing there?

We have so many questions and a few irrational conspiracy theories. However, one thing remains true: This was a waste of a perfectly fine adult beverage.

Was the kiss cam beer spill funny? Sure, but at what cost? At what cost?

[Matthew Saysongkham]