Klay Thompson Was Blissfully Unaware That #ChinaKlay Had Become A Viral Sensation

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Like J.R. Smith before him – he of the summer of the shirtless wonderKlay Thompson spent so much time totally enraptured in his post-championship celebration during his tour of Asia that he had no inkling of an idea he’d become NBA Twitter’s favorite new viral sensation.

It all started with a gloriously-botched 360 dunk attempt and then culminated with a video of him dancing like no one’s watching to EDM music at a nightclub. When Anthony Slater caught up with the Warriors’ All-Star guard recently, Thompson wasn’t at all aware that he’d become a meme.

“I actually didn’t realize how viral I was going when I was over there,” Thompson said. “I didn’t have the internet, so I was kind of out of touch. Then I get home and it was like ‘man, it looks like you had the best time in China.’ I was like ‘I did have a good time.’

Good for Klay. After a full year of “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” jokes, the euphoria of winning a second championship in three years obviously far outweighed a little harmless fun the internet had at his expensive during his overseas foibles. With more than two months left before the season starts, let’s hope we can enjoy a little more of #ChinaKlay before all is said and done.