Klay Thompson Could Take A Discount On His Next Contract To Stay With The Warriors

10.02.17 9 months ago 2 Comments

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Klay Thompson is just about the only member left of the Warriors’ superstars not to get a big payday. Steph Curry finally got his this summer with a deal that was at the time the largest in NBA history.

Players across the league celebrated the deal, and Warriors fans were also excited when Kevin Durant re-upped with the team as well. But Thompson still hasn’t seen the big contract many feel he deserves, and that isn’t likely to change now that KD and Curry are locked up by Golden State.

Thompson’s importance to the Dubs is often understated, and he didn’t have a fantastic postseason. But the Warriors clearly value his presence and shooting, setting up an interesting situation when it comes to his potential free agency. He could absolutely make more money on the open market and become the centerpiece of a franchise that’s not in the Bay area, but thus far, he has not shown any indication he wants or needs that spotlight.

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