Klay Thompson Tried To Pull Off A One-Handed 360 Dunk And It Couldn’t Have Gone Any Worse

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Klay Thompson is one of the very best basketball players on earth. He kind of gets lost among all the superstars on the Golden State Warriors, but Thompson is a fantastic player. While he’s not Draymond Green, he is a very good defender. And on offense, when Thompson gets hot, he is among the most dangerous players in the NBA.

But the thing with Thompson’s offensive game is that it’s largely predicated around his ability to shoot the basketball. This is completely fine, because he’s a fantastic shooter, but he’s never going to be considered a thunderous dunker or anything.

For proof of this, we take you to China, where Thompson tried to show off his ups. It went about as poorly as humanly possible. Thompson attempted a one-handed 360 dunk, failed, and then tried again. His second attempt went worse than his first.

Oh Klay, no. We know he can dunk — here is a clip of him yamming on Kevin Durant from before KD joined the Warriors — but trying a dunk like this is a bit ambitious for most people, let alone a guy like Thompson who isn’t exactly known for his ability to throw down. I guess when you have two championship rings, you may get a little overconfident and attempt one-handed 360s when that’s not really your game.