Klay Thompson Has A Delightfully Petty Reason For Wanting To Watch The All-Star Game Draft

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Klay Thompson is heading to the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. It’s the fourth time that the Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooting wing will earn the honor of being an All-Star, joining fellow Warriors star Draymond Green among the game’s reserves. Additionally, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will represent the Warriors as starters.

The arrangement sets up in such a way that, if Curry is lucky, he can get all four Warriors players on his team, as he is a captain who will select a squad to compete against a team put together by LeBron James. The issue is we will not learn whether this happens right away, because the NBA is somewhat controversially not airing the All-Star Game draft live.

As Thompson said while he met with the media after Golden State’s win against the Knicks on Tuesday night, he thinks this is kind of lame. Not because he thinks it would be fun to watch, mind you, but for a reason that is incredibly petty.

“I wish they would announce it publicly, because I think it would be hilarious who was the last pick,” Thompson said.

Of course, that request is the kind of thing that could backfire on Thompson if he would be the guy who was picked last, and it also seems like the thing that the NBPA and Adam Silver wanted to avoid with keeping the draft private. Thompson can probably just, you know, ask Curry who is the final pick, but it appears that he’d like to cut out the middle man and find out immediately.