Klay Thompson’s Teammates Hilariously Snitched After He Got Away With A Blatant Travel

12.18.16 3 years ago

The Golden State Warriors continued their reign of terror over the NBA on Saturday night, rolling the Portland Trail Blazers by the absurd score of 135-90. It was the sort of laugher that allowed Ian Clark to score 23 points, and it also allowed the Warriors the sort of looseness to call a travel on their own teammate, like they did with Klay Thompson above.

Thompson has a hell of a shot fake, but the move he tried to pull on Maurice Harkless was a little too good to be true. He shuffled his feet a few times, and it was egregious enough for Andre Iguodala to break out his signature travel dance. He even got a few teammates in on the act, and with all that, it’s kind of incredible that it wasn’t caught by the officials.

Regardless, it’s incredible the kind of fun the Warriors can have, since they’re on another plane of existence from most NBA teams. They’re still liable to be tripped up by teams that can gun with them like the Rockets, or teams that can drag them into the mud like the Grizzlies, but they are a beautiful machine on most nights, and the Blazers were woefully under-equipped to provide any resistance. Thus, the Warriors could do their travel dance.

(Via Reddit)

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