Klay Thompson Ranking All His Bobbleheads Made For Spectacular Television

Klay Thompson is out indefinitely as he continues to rehab his torn ACL suffered during last season’s NBA Finals, and while no one is sure if or when he will play this season for the Warriors, he has been a fixture on the bench, cheering his short-handed squad on during rehab.

On Wednesday night, Thompson took on a different role as he made his debut as the sideline reporter for NBC Sports Bay Area during the Warriors game against the Bulls at home. Klay has long been one of the NBA’s best in interviews as a subject, so putting him on the broadcast was a brilliant choice.

To ensure they got the most out of the Reporter Klay experience, they had Thompson involved in more than just typical sideline reporter duties, including one segment in which they had Klay rank all the different bobbleheads the Warriors had given away of him over the years. The result was two of the best minutes of sports television you’ll see this year, starting with Klay congratulating the happy couple that got engaged on the jumbotron during the timeout proceeding the segment.

It is a really funny segment as he compliments Surfer Klay’s “great vibes” while also explaining he doesn’t actually know how to surf, joking he can’t believe he had to share a bobblehead with Steph, and noting that Headband Klay was “goofy lookin'” but that it served its purpose to stop the bleeding.

Thompson’s debut on TV has been spectacular and hopefully he’ll pop by a few more broadcasts before he returns to the floor because his dry humor is a delight.