Ice Cube And Nick Young Want To See Kobe Bryant Compete In The BIG3 Next Year

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The biggest star in the BIG3 is Allen Iverson. When it was announced that the former NBA MVP would hop on board with Ice Cube‘s 3-on-3 league, it was legitimately huge news, as Iverson is among the most influential figures in the sport over the last two decades or so.

Now, the BIG3 apparently wants to add another iconic name in the world of basketball: Kobe Bryant. Ice Cube recently spoke to KTLA 5 in Los Angeles and said that he’s been in touch with the future Hall of Famer, with the hopes that he’ll get Bean into the league within the next year.

“I hope his competitive juices get to itching him and he wants to come into the league and score 50 and win the game,” Ice Cube said, per TMZ. “We hope he’ll play one day. But if not, we still got some great players, still competitive guys that want to play. We have a lot of guys that’s looking at us, so we expect to have big names next year and hopefully Kobe will be one of them.”

Ice Cube isn’t the only person who hopes Kobe joins the league. One of his former teammates, Warriors guard Nick Young, is all for the BIG3 adding the Laker legend.

“If you can get Kobe,” a bewildered Young told TMZ. “I wanna see that happen.”

Of course, Kobe joining the BIG3 would be a huge get for the league, plus it’d be entertaining watching him get buckets in a half-court 3-on-3 league. Our fingers are crossed that we’re able to get this in 2018 after Ice Cube and Swaggy P do a whole lot of recruiting. Besides, anything who wouldn’t want to watch A.I. and Kobe go at it again?

(Via Pro Basketball Talk)

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