Kobe Bryant Can’t Be Stopped; Patric Young Gives Us The Block Of The Year

Asking Kobe Bryant to sit out with an injury just isn’t happening anymore. Some of us want to believe he’s doing it for the fame – “Not even Jordan could play through this!” – but at this point, it doesn’t matter the motives. Mike Brown says he can’t even tell Bryant is injured at practice, and Kobe is promising he will play this weekend. Kobe is Christian Bale and Gary Vitti is Morgan Freeman. So what will happen? We’re not doctors, but NBA 2K12 took a stab at it for us Stephen Jackson was pushing for a contract extension all through summer and into training camp. Luckily, he’s decided to call if off, saying “Right now, I know it’s not the time to talk about contracts or anything like that. It’s about focusing on getting to the playoffs.” Jack is right. Milwaukee has a shot to get a top six seed in the East if they’re able to get everything together. At the center of that is Jackson, who could be the best playmaker on their whole roster … For real, we’re all a little sickened at some of the craziness going on surrounding the release of the Concords. It’s not even something to joke about. Some messed up s$%^. Not everyone will get their pairs, and Nick Young is trying to make due with what he can. Earlier this summer, the Washington two guard said he’s never wearing Js again because of the stance Mike took during the lockout. Well, as long as Nick is getting his money, he doesn’t seem to care. About the new Concords, Young said: “Those were some of my favorites. I might have to give Jordan a call and apologize. I didn’t know those came out. Those were my favorites.” Of course, Young’s Jordan protest is over. Not like anyone took him seriously anyways … Honestly, Patric Young is a beast. First, he makes the block of the year, and then finishes it with a dunk … Laker fans rejoice: Andrew Bynum‘s suspension has been reduced to four games. The NBA ruled yesterday that because it’s a shortened season, his five-game suspension was a lil’ too much. We’re not even messing around. This is huge. The Lakers are going to be fighting an uphill battle at the start of the year. Bynum is incredibly important. We can just imagine David Stern sitting in his Manhattan office chatting up his people, saying “If we make this reduction, does this make up for the whole Chris Paul thing?” … Charlie Villanueva also had his suspension reduced to four games … Okay so the Pistons can’t get better on the court, but they can step up their locker room. The Detroit Free Press writes: “A newly refurbished locker room that is larger and features better lighting and technology. A roomy training room with saunas and several massage tables. A huge modern-looking players’ lounge with a big-screen TV and other amenities.” In all seriousness, sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a difference. Players get recruited easier. People feel more at home. Detroit couldn’t get any worse than what they were. If they don’t win 30 games this year with that talent, we’ll be disappointed … On Twitter last night, Wilson Chandler gave out his top five albums of all time. He tweeted Illmatic, Ready 2 Die, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Reasonable Doubt and Me Against The World. C’mon now. We know it’s the hip thing to do to give love to Nas‘ first joint, 2Pac‘s most introspective album and all the rest, but no one is touching It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. If we’re talking hip-hop, NO ONE … LaMarcus Aldridge is saying his Blazer team has everything they need. And what he means by that is everyone wants to win. If he’s right, we like Portland’s chances. The talent there is obvious. But it’ll take more than that … In college ball, Baylor barely survived in OT, while every other top 25 team won easily … And the T’Wolves cut Bonzi Wells. They’re no longer one of our favorite teams … We’re out like rioting over Jordans.

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