Kobe Bryant’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Has Perfected Her Dad’s Turn Around Jumper

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Kobe Bryant scored a whole lot of points by perfecting the turn around midrange jumper. When Kobe needed to get a bucket, he would meticulously back someone down, lull them to sleep, then turn around in half a second to create some separation and drill a jump shot. Every single time Kobe started to back someone down, you knew what was going to happen, but no one could ever really stop it.

Apparently, Bean is imparting his bucket getting knowledge onto his daughter, Gianna. According to his Instagram account, Gianna’s birthday is today. Despite only being 11, Gianna seems to have the “spin move into a jumper” sequence down perfectly.

Really, the only things that Gianna can afford to fix are the speed with which she gets up a jumper after the turnaround and her shooting form. The former will come the more she does this and as her foot speed gets better (it’s probably safe to assume Kobe doesn’t have his pre-teen daughter doing agility training, although it is Kobe so who knows). The latter will come as she grows up and gets bigger/stronger.

But for an 11 year old, I think she does a pretty admirable impression of her dad. All she has to do now is score 60 points on 50 shots in the final game of her elementary school career and Gianna Bryant will fully live up to her last name.