Kobe Bryant Claims He Secretly Wrote A 2009 Vitamin Water Commercial For Dwight Howard

10.26.17 2 years ago

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Kobe Bryant is no longer an obsessive basketball player after retiring in 2016. He is now an obsessive businessman, hellbent on taking over the world of sports drinks and media. As Bryant tells it, he didn’t make this transition a year ago, though.

In a recent profile on his ventures into the business world, Bryant told ESPN’s Darren Rovell he’s long been as crazy about his business ventures as he was about basketball, but people simply didn’t believe him.

“I got tired of telling people I loved business as much as I did basketball because people would look at me like I had three heads,” Bryant said. “But I do.”

The best example Bryant gave of how involved he was on the business side of things with his partnerships he had with brands as a player was a 2009 Vitamin Water ad starring Dwight Howard that ran during the NBA Finals when the Magic and the Lakers played.

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