Kobe Bryant Gives His Own NBA Mount Rushmore At All-Star Weekend

02.16.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

Perhaps you heard LeBron James provide the media his NBA Mount Rushmore earlier this month. During Kobe Bryant‘s question and answer session with the media before tonight’s All-Star Game, he was asked about LeBron’s claim that he’s pushing to become the fourth member of NBA Mount Rushmore. Kobe was asked who would be on his own Mount Rushmore. At first, Mamba claimed he was ignorance about Mount Rushmore, but when informed there are four president’s, he answered as best he could.

Here’s the back-and-forth:

We heard LeBron James’ [NBA] Mount Rushmore last week. Give us your Mount Rushmore?
Kobe Bryant: Mount Rushmore. You got to understand I’m an Italian kid, so I don’t even know how many presidents are on Mount Rushmore.

Kobe Bryant: Four. Okay. So let’s go…I would say Magic [Johnson], [Larry] Bird, Michael [Jordan] and [Bill] Russell. That’s impossible to do four, though, man. Come on. That’s crazy. That’s tough. Absolutely tough.

For the record, that’s our answer, too. It’s verbatim what we told people when they asked us about it. While these types of questions and answers are completely subjective, we agree with all his choices, and we’re a little perturbed Russell was left off of LeBron’s list. We also think the subjectivity and the long history of the league makes the question impossible.

What surprised us, though, was that Bryant didn’t nominate himself for the last spot, like ‘Bron. Though we think Mamba secretly believes he belongs in that tier; he does have two more rings than Bird…

Do you agree with Kobe Bryant’s NBA Mount Rushmore?

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