A Retired Kobe Bryant Will Try To Conquer The Entertainment Industry With ‘Kobe Studios’

02.25.16 2 years ago
kobe bryant

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Life after basketball is a reality Kobe Bryant will be facing in less than two months. While Bryant has previously admitted such a future is “scary as hell,” it looks like he at least has a plan for how to attack it.

And that plan includes creating stories through movies, books and whatever mediums he can by way of “Kobe Studios,” an extension of his pre-existing company, “Kobe, Inc.” The creative process, he said, is a new way to fuel his never-ending energy long after his basketball days are over.

“What my passion is now is creating the story,” Bryant said in an interview with the Orange County Register. “Creating the story and finding the best possible way, the medium which that story can live.

“Some stories will be created. Some stories will be fantasy in nature, others reality-based,” he continued. “But we will look for content that inspires a generation of people.”

Via the Register:

Through Kobe Inc., Bryant said he wants to grow brands that challenge and redefine the sports industry, an opportunity he will dive in full-time once his playing career comes to a close in April.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who cold called industry titans to pick their brain about any idea that happened to pass through his head. With his existing brand recognition, vast resources and work ethic, Bryant shouldn’t have any problem finding subject matters for Kobe Studios. It’ll be interesting to see a more creative side of Bryant from a professional standpoint. At the very least, fans will be able to follow his career, even if it’s in a different arena.

(Via the Orange County Register)

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