Nike Unveiled A ‘Mamba Forever’ Commercial On The Day Of Kobe Bryant’s Memorial

Monday was an emotional one in Los Angeles, as the city held Kobe Bryant’s memorial at Staples Center. It was a chance for everyone to say goodbye to an icon of the sport of basketball. Fans, colleagues, friends, rivals, and more were in attendance to give their final goodbyes to Bryant. And on Monday, Nike released a short commercial to give their final remembrance of Bryant.

The commercial is a little under two minutes in length and is pretty simple in concept. It features the word forever and then quickly runs through all of Bryant’s accomplishments in life. His titles, his points scored, his routes in Philadelphia. It’s all there and then as it moves forward it eventually reaches the final word. Slowly “Mamba” fades in with the commercial ending on “Mamba forever.”

Nike won’t be the only one to remember Kobe on Monday. With his memorial service, there will be plenty of sharing their stories of Bryant and what they admired about him. When your life has that many accomplishments in it you’re going to impact a lot of people and serve as an inspiration to others. Bryant will be remembered in a lot of ways, and this commercial from Nike does a great job in showing why.