Kobe Bryant Credits Nick Young’s Shoes For Young’s First Assist To Him

Despite playing on the same team as Kobe Bryant since 2013-14, Nick Young had never assisted the future Hall of Famer on a basket. Even with Young’s allergy to passing and the fact that Kobe hasn’t played a full season since Young joined the Lakers, this is still more than a little shocking. That all changed on December 12, though, when Young notched his first assist to Bryant.

According to ESPN, Kobe doesn’t think the assist was merely coincidence. He thinks there was a higher power at play.

“It was the Yeezys tonight that got the assist for him,” he joked.

Young announced he had signed with adidas on Saturday, and to celebrate, he wore the Yeezy 750 Boosts against the Rockets. No, they’re not basketball shoes, but this is Swaggy P we’re talking about, so it’s hardly surprising that he’d do something like this. Young scored 13 against the Rockets, by the way – not a career-high performance or anything, but definitely not an unmitigated disaster, either. That’s a win, right?

Let's goo!!

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So maybe Kobe has a point. Maybe the Yeezys really did help Young play a bit better. In the words of Spike Lee: “It’s gotta be the shoes.”


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