Nick Young Says He Can Beat Kobe Bryant At ‘Looking Good’

12.25.15 2 years ago

We’re with Mike Budenholzer on this one. When the Hawks coached was asked “What’s one thing you would beat Kobe Bryant in off the basketball court,” he was genuinely perplexed.

“I don’t know, that’s like the weirdest question I’ve ever heard.”

The Hawks coach has a point. It’s the type of question we’d ask at the Rookie photo shoot or this years All-Star game in Toronto because it’s silly, relatively harmless and it reveals way more about the subject answering the question then the subject of the question.

But the people in the video above seem to have a press pass to Hawks games and so asked a coterie of players below the above question about Kobe. Nick Young’s response was exactly what you’d predict if you’re at all familiar with Nick Young.

Young claims he’s better than Kobe at “Looking good.” He then reminds the videographers of his self-proclaimed moniker. “You know I’m a handsome guy, Swaggy P.”

But then Young uttered a Christmas miracle and perhaps a new Christmas maxim:

“I’m like the Kobe of swag.”

Never change Nick.

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