Kobe Bryant Says Final Four Players “Should be Watching Me”

We here at Dime are unapologetic Kobe Bryant superfans and we make no bones about it. Is there anyone who is as entertaining as Kobe is both on and off the court? We have been consistently detailing Mamba’s hilarious, “I-don’t-give-a-f**k” schtick with the media this season.

And, true to form, Kobe brought it when he was asked Friday night if he’d be watching the Final Four this past weekend.

Yep, “They should be watching me.” Awesome. We’re assuming he said it jokingly (sort of), but whatever, it still made us laugh out loud. And actually, the full quote is even better. What he actually said was, “I ain’t watching s**t. They should be watching me.”

He’s the best.

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