Kobe Bryant Once Gave Some Pretty Bad Sex Advice To A Reporter

02.11.16 2 years ago 3 Comments
Kobe Bryant

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Complex asked 18 Lakers media people for their favorite stories about Kobe Bryant, who is retiring after this season. One response, from Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, offered a humorous anecdote about Mamba’s guidance while Pincus was trying to have a child with his wife.

“There was one thing, years ago, I had two girls and we were talking about how we were going to try to have a third. And, he told me that to have a boy, I need to keep my socks on with my wife…that was his advice. I did not listen, and I have a third girl.”

Bryant sure is a jokester when it comes to the sex advice. You see, leaving on your socks in no way, shape or form can be a determining factor in the sex of a potential child. He could have said, “Make sure you wear a Kobe Bryant jersey when doing it to make sure you have a boy,” and it would have carried the same level of helpfulness.

That Kobe, man. What a comedian.

(Via Complex)

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