Kobe Bryant Laughed Off An Unflattering Shirtless Picture As Him Being ‘#MambaThick’

08.01.17 8 months ago 5 Comments

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Kobe Bryant has jumped into retirement with the same intensity that got him through a 20 year NBA career. It’s only been a year since Bryant retired following his incredible 60-point performance in his final game, but there’s no sign of a Bryant comeback in the works.

Instead, Kobe’s busy with his family, investments, and being hands-on in running his media production company and more. Bryant insists he doesn’t think that much about basketball anymore or miss it, and most recently laughed off the idea that he was influencing Kyrie Irving’s decision to request a trade from the Cavaliers.

There’s also physical evidence that Bryant isn’t planning to rejuvenate his career anytime soon, as a recent picture of a shirtless Bryant at the pool hit the internet showing him with a few extra pounds from his playing days.

First things first, no one should be surprised that someone no longer playing in the NBA would be more out of shape a year after retiring than he was during his playing days. Bryant was — for a brief bit — a very good sport about it, posting the image to his Instagram with a hilarious caption, in which he refers to himself as “#MambaThick,” although it has unfortunately been deleted.

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