Kobe Bryant Took A Shot From Behind The Backboard And Made It Anyway

12.22.15 3 years ago

Watching Kobe Bryant has been really tough at times during the early part of the 2015-16 season. He just doesn’t quite have it anymore on a consistent basis, which isn’t too surprising, but it’s still sad to watch one of the best basketball players ever struggle like this during his final year as a pro.

But sometimes, Bryant is able to show that he’s still capable of doing insane stuff. Take, for instance, this play from the Lakers’ game against Denver on Tuesday night.

The Black Mamba grabbed an offensive rebound, took a dribble to settle himself before he shot, saw that he was behind the hoop, and fired off a jumper anyway. In a delightfully Kobe moment, he nailed the jumper. It’s a fun reminder that even when he struggles, the future Hall of Famer is capable of doing something incredible at any given moment.

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