Snoop Dogg Gave Kobe Bryant The Most Ridizzle Retirement Gift

A beloved entertainment icon known for making his fans happy through his prolonged talent-rich endeavors and Kobe Bryant made some news recently. Bryant, who retired after everyone felt bad for him in his final game and let him chuck a bunch of shots en route to 60 points, was given a sweet car by Snoop Dogg as a retirement gift.

The ride is obviously Los Angeles Lakers colors, but it’s fair to say Kobe has some problems with it.

As you may notice, Snoop is the largest person rendered on the hood of the car. He is about three times bigger than Kobe in the mural and also, after doing some research, never played for the Lakers. Although, Snoop was probably more helpful to the Lakers during Kobe’s final two seasons than Kobe was.

Also, if Snoop had a real sense of humor, he’d have put Shaq in the mural and he did not.

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The second problem is a little harder to find but if you look closely, you find it in the above photo. There yet? OK, time’s up. This car can hold four, maybe five people, and we all know Kobe is a lone wolf who prefers to take long drives in solitude. Heck, he’s by himself in the Ghostbusters ads, probably because he thinks the other Ghostbusters are inferior to him and he can’t be bothered to deal with that.

Anyway, good for Kobe.