Why Kobe Bryant Told Steph Curry And The Warriors To ‘Come And Get It’

01.15.16 2 years ago
Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant

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The Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour™ stopped at Oracle Arena in Oakland on Thursday night. The Warriors rolled to a 116-98 victory against the Lakers and afterward, Bryant chatted with the Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson about the future, like a wise old wizard you’d meet in a fairy tale world.

The theme of the conversation was championships and Bryant telling them to “come and get it.”

Bryant won five titles with the Lakers, and ESPN’s Baxter Holmes chronicled the conversation about the Warriors potentially going after that mark.

“You guys have got to go ahead and make history,” Bryant told Curry.

“I got to chase you,” Curry replied, a response that Bryant said he too would have used.

“Damn right,” Bryant told Curry. “Absolutely. Come and get it.”

Bryant also signed a pair of his game-worn sneakers for Green.

The message Bryant wrote: “Make history.”

A passing of the torch? Perhaps.

Is it a passing of the torch? If Robert De Niro “passed a torch” to Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of Revenant, is that really a passing of a torch or an old man well past his prime trying to make sense of a new and confusing world? Really, it’s a subjective torch.

Still, these are the cool moments from Bryant saying goodbye, and it’s nice to hear a snippet of what’s said between great players past and present. Plus, Green got a pair of sneakers he can now sell on eBay.

All in all, that’s a pretty neat day for the Warriors.

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