Kobe Bryant Will Steal Your Soul, Blake Griffin Will “Crush Your Face”

03.21.11 8 years ago 55 Comments

Do not get Kobe Bryant fired up to the point where he wants to steal your soul. Just don’t do it. In an intense, physical game in L.A. last night, the Portland Trail Blazers awoke the sleeping giant that has been Kobe over the last few games and paid dearly for it. Portland was in control until the last seven or eight minutes of the game, when the tide started to turn. Kobe was the best he’s looked since hurting his ankle a few games ago and was more emotional than we’ve seen him in a long time, fist-pumping after shots and stops, extra animated when jawing with the refs, and he had a serious scowl going for the entire fourth quarter. The Lakers eventually took the lead and Bryant hit his patented right baseline, pullup fadeway over Brandon Roy to put them up six and essentially end the game. Bryant went nuts after the shot fell, high-fiving fans, fist-pumping, yelling, and almost ripped his off own jersey. Lakers color guy Stu Lantz screamed, “The best finisher in the game comes through in the clutch!” … Immediately after the game, a Lakers sideline reporter asked a still visibly agitated Kobe what he was thinking before that jumper. “Just make the damn shot,” Kobe replied … Can you remember another NCAA Tournament with this much angst towards the refs? It seems like every time the studio show is on, the NCAA officiating coordinator, John Adams, is getting his ass grilled EJ, Kenny, Charles, Greg Anthony, and Rick Pitino about the refs in this tournament. The funny thing is, for the most part, all of the calls that have people bent of shape (specifically the whistles at the end of the Butler/Pitt game) are debatable. The call that cost Texas the game against Arizona yesterday though was inexcusable … In case you missed it, Texas was up two, 69-67, when ‘Zona’s monster face Derrick Williams missed a shot in the lane with 14 seconds to go. Texas got the miss and called a timeout. Freshman Corey Joseph struggled to inbound the ball and signaled for a timeout, but the ref hit him with a five-second call even though he only visibly counted to four. That gave Williams another shot and he delivered on a three-point play to put ‘Zona up one. Texas missed a final shot and that was it … Read More: One of our guys puts the ‘Cuse away, the Knicks get lit up again, and Blake Griffin will crush your face…

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