Kobe is kind of a big deal in China; Carmelo trade talks still going

09.26.10 8 years ago 21 Comments

BREAKING NEWS: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are really popular. The NBA released its latest jersey sales figures from China, and once again Kobe and LeBron hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively. Dwight Howard is 3rd, jumping Kevin Garnett (4th) from last year. Derrick Rose is 5th, followed by Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Ray Allen and Kevin Durant to wrap up the Top 10. T-Mac was 4th last year, but didn’t make the Top 10 this time around … And really, no Yao Ming? Believe it. Maybe it’s because every jersey-wearing person in China already has a Yao jersey and an alternate, so there’s no need to keep buying them. Sounds like somebody (Houston Rockets) is due for a uniform change … More details on the developing four-team Carmelo trade that still isn’t official because ‘Melo has (by all accounts) yet to agree to sign an extension with New Jersey: Now it would be the Nets getting ‘Melo and D.J. Augustin, Denver would get Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko, Charlotte would get Devin Harris, and Utah would get Boris Diaw and Quinton Ross, plus all the draft picks involved … The Knicks are giving Shawne Williams another shot. Yes, that Shawne Williams, the Memphis trap star who last we heard was facing serious felony dealing charges. It’d be one thing if Williams had a proven track record in the NBA to make him worth the risk, but his career on the court has been as quiet as Grammy nomination night at Master P‘s house. We heard a report that Williams has lost 50 pounds getting ready for camp. Question: He’d GAINED 50 pounds?!? Dude wasn’t even out of the League for that long … The Spurs have brought on Jacque Vaughn as an assistant coach. That’s a good move, especially for the development of George Hill as he learns to become a true PG. But when the team goes into shooting drills, does Jacque just got sit in a corner or what? … Actual quote from Yao after he made it through the Rockets’ first practice on both feet: “Words cannot express how happy I am.” And that’s for one practice. Yeah, you have to move in baby steps, but it’s just a reminder that Houston simply can’t rely on their franchise guy … Lakers fans might be pissed at Andrew Bynum for delaying his knee surgery to the point where he’ll miss the beginning of the season, but Phil Jackson stuck up for his guy, saying he encouraged Bynum to go on the vacation that postponed the surgery. If Bynum’s knee checks out and allows him to make it through the most important stretches of the season unscathed, surely it will all be forgotten when/if L.A. is hoisting another Larry O’Brien … We’re out like Bynum …

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