The Korean League All-Star Game Gave Us A Surprisingly Good Mannequin Challenge

01.24.17 2 years ago

Let me pull up my pants to my stomach, smack my DVR to get it to work and tell you something: The Mannequin Challenge sucks. It lost Hillary Clinton the election. I can’t prove it but I know it. In half of them, there’s someone moving. You have all this time to set it up and one person can’t stand still for 45 seconds? Come on. I’m #TeamHarlemShake.

But let me tell you folks right now — the Mannequin Challenge from the Korean League All-Star Game is good.

It has a lot going for it. One, it’s unexpected. Everyone that saw this (not you all, because sorry) live didn’t see it coming. No one sent them a link to a video and had pretend to marvel at people standing still. It just happened. The genuine surprise really makes it.

And two, the degree of difficulty and coordination makes it. They had one shot at this. It’s like every video you’ve seen is a movie and this was live theater. That ball could have hit the rim and bounced anywhere. Everyone was on point from the benches to the guys on the court. 10/10.

On that note, please stop doing Mannequin Challenges. Let’s find a new meme for me to hate. Thank you.

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