Kris Dunn Ruined Shabazz Napier With A Ridiculous Move To The Rim

Was it an accident? Was it intentional? Who cares! Kris Dunn just pulled some AND1 Tour junk on Shabazz Napier, and it’s fun to watch Napier’s spirit leave his body as he turns to watch Dunn track down the dribble. You can almost hear his internal monologue. “Please don’t dunk this and put me on highlights until I die.”

Unfortunately, even if Dunn heard said monologue he disregarded it entirely, like a waiter who definitely saw you put your finger up for service but who was too busy doing whatever it was he needed to do to come get you another drink. Look, we’ve all got things we have to do in this world, and Dunn had to embarrass Napier for the entire internet to see. Those are the rules.

Dunn then kicked the ball out for a made jumper by Gorgui Dieng, so it should live on in highlights for a little bit. Could you imagine if Dieng missed that shot? He’d never live that down.

The Trail Blazers won 95-89, proving that revenge is a dish best served … seriously, who cares? That assist should have been worth seven points and given Minnesota the win, and we’re not hearing it any other way.

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