Kristaps Porzingis’ Childhood Cornrows Set Twitter On Fire

We, the internet, have been given a special gift. Kristaps Porzingis, the New York Knicks’ Great White Hope (and starting power forward), had cornrows as a kid. There’s visual evidence, and they are straight-up glorious. These childhood photos were shown in a recent interview with Porzingis’ first coach:

[Fans self] Whew, that is some straight fire. Not that these photos need context, but thank goodness Stefan Bondy asked Porzingis why he had the braids (with beads!) as a kid:

His white-boy confidence was (and continues to be) off the charts. He’s quickly becoming a folk hero, and the boos of draft night are now only a memory. He also rocked the Carmelo headband (we know Iverson did it first, but Melo’s his TEAMMATE):

Would you like to see Kristaps’ Knicks teammates reacting to the cornrow pictures? Of course you would:

The best reaction is from the first guy, who we’re pretty sure is Wesley Saunders. Wordless, delighted shock:

Of course, this is a revelation perfect for Twitter, and Knicks fans are undeniably hyped about the newly-discovered street cred their rookie has:


And there were a lot of these:

Bernie Augustine may have had the best burn on KP, though:

Yeah, and if you’ve seen those, you know it’s not a compliment. It’s completely different when you’re a 10-year-old Latvian kid, though. Then it’s the hottest style possible. He said he’s never bringing them back, but we can always hope.