Kristaps Porzingis’ Latest Highlight Came When He Put Mason Plumlee On A Poster

As is usually the case when the Knicks play, Kristaps Porzingis did something amazing. It’s just the latest jaw-dropping moment for the dude who very well could end up being New York City’s next sports hero.

Porzingis got the ball against the Trail Blazers with no one between him and the rim other than Mason Plumlee. Instead of letting Plumlee get in his way, Porzingis decided to dribble once, power himself to the rim, and dunk all over Portland’s center.

The Knicks are slowly becoming a team that you need to watch, because whenever they play, Porzingis has the potential to do something crazy. Even his teammates are amazed by what he can do on a basketball court, and it seems like every game, Porzingis does something to back up his teammates’ praise.