An NBATV Reporter Became A Meme During Summer League

07.14.17 9 months ago

Getty Image

There’s an old saying in the broadcast world that if you’re on-air long enough, you’re going to eventually say something you’ll regret. That’s what happened to NBATV reporter Kristen Ledlow at Summer League in Las Vegas on Friday when she was speaking about Isaiah Thomas and her comments suddenly and effortlessly took a sharp left turn off the vertiginous cliffs of Freudian innuendo.

Ledlow immediately realized how viewers would inevitably seize up on the double entendre in that statement, and the expression on her face afterward said it all. No matter how photogenic you normally are – and the on-air talent in the sports media world tend to be very camera-friendly – every now and then we all get caught at a bad angle, especially in uncomfortable moments like these.

Thankfully, she has a good sense of humor about it.

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