Kurt Rambis Is Reportedly Operating As The Lakers ‘Shadow President’

05.12.19 3 months ago

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The Lakers finally found their new coach as the team hired former Pacers and Magic coach Frank Vogel on Saturday after failing to come to an agreement with Tyronn Lue earlier in the week as talks fell apart.

Vogel will be joined by Jason Kidd on the bench as a top assistant, something that was among the reported sticking points with Lue — as was the three-year contract length, which Vogel was also willing to accept. There have been many questions about the Lakers coaching search, chief among them the fact that they never addressed the team president position after Magic Johnson stepped down.

GM Rob Pelinka was thought to have been given added power, but given how enticing the position could be to top names in the sport, it would have made sense for the Lakers to at least try and find someone to take on that role before signing a coach. Instead, they pressed forward with Pelinka heading things up, or at least that’s how they made it seem.

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