Kyle Korver Really Dunked In The NBA Finals

Getty Image

Kyle Korver made 29 baskets during the 2017 NBA Playoffs coming into Wednesday night. Of those 29, 23 were three pointers. He has a very defined role on the team – someone gets you the ball behind the three-point line, you shoot, you make it. Korver has filled that role well since joining Cleveland, as there will be possessions where he just spots up and doesn’t go inside of the three-point line.

But during Game 3, Korver went inside of the three point line. In fact, he went inside of the paint. And wouldn’t you know it, Kyle By God Korver dunked in an NBA basketball game. It ruled.

Look at him cut! Ian Clark got cooked on this! This is a legitimately great basketball play by Korver to see he has space to operate, get there without any problems, and throw down. Even Draymond Green had to smile at this one.

This was a somewhat historic moment for Korver. His reputation as a marksman from downtown is well-earned, but it also means he’s never exactly going to be confused for someone who yams with authority. In fact, this was only the 16th dunk of Korver’s NBA career, according to ABC’s broadcast team. Seeing as how this is his 14th year in the league, that’s actually kind of impressive.