Kyle Kuzma And Josh Hart Roasted Lonzo Ball For His ‘Trash’ Music

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Lonzo Ball is the latest in a long line of past and present NBA players to try and break into the music industry. As far as current NBA player-turned-rapper success stories go, Damian Lillard is probably at the top, but everyone from Shaquille O’Neal, to Lance Stephenson, to Lou Williams have tried with varying degrees of success. Nobody has had LaVar Ball and Lithuania behind them, though. Until now.

LaVar Ball announced that Lonzo Ball would be making his rap debut in a concert in Lithuania next summer, but sample tracks of Lonzo’s work aren’t hard to find if you know where to look. Despite the hilarity of all this, from LaVar and the Ball family taking over Lithuania, to Lonzo debuting there, at least Lonzo knows when and where his debut will take place. That’ll give him plenty of time to get in the studio and improve, because his early stuff isn’t impressing teammates Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart.

Kuzma and Lonzo have a genuinely fun off-court relationship. If you follow the young Lakers on Instagram, they are always going back and forth with each over over something silly. Most exchanges end with Kuzma trashing Big Ball Brand, and everyone has a good time. The latest public trashing comes courtesy of Josh Hart and the Lakers team plane.

On the way to Sunday’s game against the Raptors, Lonzo played some of his music for Hart and Kuzma. They kept their criticism short and sweet.

While Hart and Kuzma are obviously joking to whatever degree you want to think they’re joking, this is still excellent content. Shout out to you, Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma. Keep the videos coming.