Kyle Lowry Threw In One Of The Wildest Circus Shots You’ll Ever See

When you put a collection of some of the best basketball players on the planet out on the court together, they’re inevitably going to make some magic happen. That’s one of the most thrilling things about the NBA. On any given night, we’ll get a highlight reel filled with gravity-defying dunks, mesmerizing no-look passes, and impossibly deep three-point bombs.

And occasionally, we get treated to the types of circus shots that no mere mortal could ever dream of making. It’s not because they’re just hoisting up outrageous shots arbitrarily. It’s often an attempt to try and draw a foul and earn a trip to the line for a potential and-one.

That’s what happened in Toronto on Friday night when Kyle Lowry came around a screen, felt the contact from his defender, and then flung up a two-handed bullet toward the basket from just inside the half-court line. And because he’s Kyle Lowry, it somehow made its way into the basket.

Players try to draw and-one fouls coming around screens like this all the time, but it’s rare to see so brazen an attempt from so far away from the basket. Nonetheless, mark it down for three points for Lowry, and as his reaction reminds, you might as well own it while you’re at it.